Security at Whale Bay Cascades

Planned Whale Bay Cascades security

  • Cameras – beach front to be monitered by thermal imaging cameras.  No matter the weather conditions, come darkness, rain, snow or mist, these cameras will detect intruders immediately and highlight in clarity any living being in its line of view, which in this case is the complete sea-frontage of Whale Bay Cascades (including sections underneath the overhanging Sundowner decks of the Ocean Villas).
  • 24 Hour manned security reception with biometric access control (fingerprint readers)
  • The complete development will, once completed, be enclosed (except for the beach front) by our architecturally designed 3 metre high perimeter wall that is of BrickFrame construction, a 250mm in situ concrete wall that is at least double the strength of normal brick walls in compressive strength with about 15 times the kinetic impact management ability meaning that no normal invasive strategy through the wall is remotely possible.
  • 5 metre tall Sea-Erosion Protection wall with the overhanging sundowner-decks provide additional security on the beach front
  • The Ocean Villas have been specifically designed as shoulder-to-shoulder units so as to prevent anyone from slipping in between the Ocean Villas in the unlikely event of an intruder finding a way of getting onto the sundowner decks.


Security Features of the Area

  • Whale Bay Cascades is the ONLY development in Hermanus that faces the seafront which is so positioned that it has a security complex on both sides of the development acting as “security guards” to prevent access from the sides as well as from the seafront.
  • With multi-million rand abalone farm developments situated next to the new harbour stretching all the way up to the neighbouring security estate, it is impossible to reach the Whale Bay Cascades development along the coast line from the harbour side. This means that access can only be achieved via a single access road to the beach front in an attempt to access our development from the front, requiring a transgressor to pass directly past the neighbouring Whale Rock Estate security gates.
  • Opposite the development is a 10 hectare, electric- fenced secured and guarded area. This is the new multi-million rand tourist friendly Abalone farm that prevents access from that origin.
  • Once you turn into Church street from Still street the complete section of road up to Whale Bay Cascades has, on both sides, security fences or security walks and there are no side streets entering onto church street up to Whale Bay Cascades. There are no places to hide along the road as it is all open, and with a guard house 50% down the way that has visual along the total road up to Whale Bay Cascades.
  • Because of the high value of Abalone in the open market, security guards are posted immediately opposite the Whale Bay Cascades development throughout the night as well as along the road leading up to the development, resulting in a constantly patrolled access route.