Eco friendly and sustainable living

For eco friendly and sustainable living Whale Bay Cascades will feature:


Seawater lagoon

Features include a seawater lagoon 13m above sea-level, with seawater sourced from nearby abalone farms being transferred via the lagoon, streams and waterfalls back to the sea at the rate of about three million litres an hour. This will facilitate the development of the lagoon’s own marine eco-system over a period of three years. According to leading marine biologists this will be the first lagoon of its kind in the world and offers a study opportunity never imagined before. One of SA’s well known marine biologists will be using this opportunity to make a study of the development of the marine eco system in the lagoon and will be publishing the results. Apart from the natural development, the lagoon will also be stocked with catch-and-release sport fish.


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Sea erosion protection wall

Keeping the potential effects of global warming in mind, we have raised the recently serviced 12 seafront erven by  between 1.25m  and  1.5m relative to neighbouring properties and have also constructed a sea erosion protection wall on the seafront making use of previously secured excavated boulders, some weighing more than four ton.



Before excavation was started 5 000 plants were harvested from the site and moved to the Groot Bos Nature Reserve nursery, from where they will be returned to the site once it has been established.


Solar lighting

Solar Bollards from Exlites  to be used for pathway lighting. These innovative lights harvests enough power from the sun during the day to power themselves for the entire night (up to 14 hours estimated). They are virtually vandal proof, require no cables, and result in no ongoing running costs.

Solar bollard 1Solar bollard 2




Water from the roofs of residential units will be secured in below-ground containers and will be used to irrigate the gardens


Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator Lifts

All the multi storey house designs incorporate provision for the Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator lift, generally regarded as a green lift. Many of the new elevators are much more energy efficient than their predecessors but none can compete with the PVE which is recognized as being an environment friendly GREEN elevator.  The PVE has virtually no need for oils and grease and does not use power during the descend cycle. Electricity usage is therefore virtually cut in half and oils and grease virtually non-relevant.


Natural Gas

All the house designs provide for natural gas supply to enable owners to operate a combination of electric and gas appliances.